We are a collection of men with a longer than average arm length that share a common problem – our favorite brands just can’t seem to get the sleeve length on our shirts to fit comfortably.We have an appreciation for premium fabrics and fine quality craftsmanship in our arments.But without the proper fit, the cool looking shirt that we just purchased just sits in closet.

the problem

Men’s shirts from mass retail are sized
to fit the average man.  For men with
longer arm length, the sleeves always come up short.

the solution

Break the industry sizing standard and
create a line of men’s shirts solely dedicated to fit men that require a longer
sleeve length.   Bring a set of standards
to the garment that reflects who we are: 

  • A dedicated focus on sleeves that fit
    longer arms
  • Superior quality craftsmanship, that
    exhibits durability and comfort
  • Premium fabrics from the finest mills
  • Environmentally conscious, sustainable
    sourcing & manufacturing
  • American-made