Why Broadyarns?

Before Broadyarns, we managed through shorter sleeve lengths in various ways:

  • “Sizing up” to resolve the problem.  Didn’t work… the sleeves might fit but the shirt is too large and baggy.
  • Trying the “big and tall” collection from some brands.   Didn’t work…  we might be tall guys, but have a regular, or athletic torso.  We don’t need the “big”.  
  • Going to a retailer that actually offers longer sleeves on regular shirts.  This really got us frustrated because most of the time the shirt we liked is out if stock.  To the mass-retailer, this is an irregular-sized shirt and they won’t keep it in inventory.
  • Dealing with it by rolling up our sleeves…  trying not to live with the awkward feel of the cuffs riding up our forearm.  Not the best solution

We discovered that the appeal isn’t about the look, the price tag, or the latest fashion trend. Our favorite shirts become our favorites because of how they make us feel. Putting on a Broadyarns shirt weaves confidence into our day and simply makes us feel good about ourselves.

shirts made in New York City U.S.A.

We’re just getting started… Driven by our customer’s preferences, we’re designing styles from input provided by hundreds of men that seek the highest quality shirt with longer sleeves.

We plan to offer a properly fitting shirt for every occasion…. whether we’re business casual at the office, schmoozing at cocktail hour, hiking on the trail, or just enjoying a good book by the fire. 

Through it all, our customers resonate with the Broadyarns brand.

*Focus on fit
*Extraordinary quality craftsmanship
*Premium fabrics
*Environmentally conscious
*American made